Job Title: Software Development Engineer in Test

Location: Dallas, TX

Duration: 6+ Months


7 to 11 Years

Skills Required:

Jenkins, API, Database testing, Cloud, Java, TestNG, Selenium

Job Description

As a Software Engineer in Test, you will be a part of a highly talented engineering team and participate in test plan design, test case development and execution, and test automation development of large-scale, distributed software applications, systems and services. You will be part of the team that build platforms which will enable our vehicles to communicate to the cloud. The features you test and deploy will power driving experiences across the world.

We are looking for team members that are required to be creative in solving problems, excited to work in modern technology areas and be ready to wear multiple hats to get things done in a highly-energized, fast-paced, innovative and collaborative startup environment.

Required Skills:

  1. 1. You are smart and can demonstrate it
  2. 2. You have 3+ years of experience developing and testing software
  3. 3. You have 3+ years of hands-on experience creating and maintaining test automation and associated infrastructure
  4. 4. You have proficiency in Java
  5. 5. You are very fluent and have solved several real-life problems using TestNG or JUnit
  6. 6. You are very fluent at maintaining and utilizing a collection of API tests
  7. 7. You have experience in setting up test pipelines in CI/CD tools
  8. 8. You have experience with testing complex data pipelines that span over multiple components
  9. 9. You have experience in estimation, prioritization and planning/coordination of testing activities in a Scrum environment
  10. 10. You are experienced in using systems like Jira or qTest for tracking purposes and ensuring traceability among test cases, code and requirements
  11. 11. You practice empathy when dealing with the team and stakeholders
  12. 12. You are not afraid to spend time performing manual tests yet have the urge to automate those as efficiently as possible
  13. 13. You can manage ambiguity and are comfortable being set loose without a lot of direction. You can manage external dependencies from partners and suppliers
  14. 14. You are confident in expressing your point of view from a position of knowledge and experience. You are also receptive to feedback and open to revising your plans when appropriate
  15. 15. We think the knowledge acquired earning a degree Computer Science would be of great value in this position, but if you're smart and have the experience that backs up your abilities, for us, talent trumps degree every time

Desired Skills:

  1. 1. Experience in validation or delivery of connected car services is a plus
  2. 2. Experience with Python and Spark is a plus
  3. 3. Experience solving several real-life problems using Selenium
  4. 4. Proficiency in testing serverless based architecture and testing on AWS or other public cloud stack is a plus
  5. 5. Experience in behavior driven development and test-driven development scenarios and frameworks such as Cucumber, Jbehave/JGiven, etc. is a plus

What you will do:

  1. 1. Build and maintain an automated test infrastructure for a large-scale microservice oriented system comprising of many components
  2. 2. Write, execute and maintain end-to-end system integration scenarios and user acceptance scenarios for the large-scale platform
  3. 3. Translate user stories into test scenarios and cases and provide feedback to ensure testability of all stories
  4. 4. Collaborate with other business groups and external teams for end-to-end integration
  5. 5. Partner with developers to create, maintain and execute automated unit and integration tests
  6. 6. Collaborate with DevOps to integrate the automated tests in the CI/CD pipelines
  7. 7. Work with Product Owners and users to execute user tests
  8. 8. Own delivery of work from top to bottom, from concept to code to production
  9. 9. Develop tools and libraries that will enable rapid and scalable development in the future