Job Title: Art Specialist


The Visual Design Team is looking for a 2D Motion Graphics Designer with experience in UI/UX work. This candidate should have excellent skills in Illustrator, After Effects and a strong sense of timing and motion. They will be helping to animate and tell software stories for Windows and Surface hardware.

Primary Responsibilities

As a 2D motion Designer on the Microsoft Windows and Devices Industrial Design team, this person will assist in the creation of product videos that help tell software stories for Windows as well as software stories for Surface Devices.

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years experience doing motion design for UI/UX. They should be highly proficient in Illustrator, After Effects and going through the process of preparing UI assets for animation. Experience with Figma a major plus! The core responsibilities of this role will include the following:

  • Meeting with UI teams to understand the latest designs and help prepare the UI assets for animation, while being able to create UI assets on the fly.
  • Creating a range of concepts to help communicate software stories.
  • Working with 3D animators, and film directors to understand timing of shots and be able to create UI animations that are perfectly timed.

Include details like:

  • Years of experience required-5+ years UX/UI and motion design experience
  • Degrees or certifications needed-BA or BS preferred, depending on the candidates experience and portfolio, may not be required.
  • What is expected in day to day?

What is the candidate value prop?

What are the top 3 must-have hard skills?

What is the preferred level of experience with each? Rank in order of most important.

1. UI Design/animation

2. Graphic Design

3. Adobe Premiere, after effects, Illustrator, photoshop

Best vs average? Performance indicators


  • UI experience
  • Portfolio of work
  • Be able to respond to and implement feedback at a fast pace.
  • Ability to collaborate with design, development, and executive management teams.

Stands out: Someone with both UX and UI experience