Hardware Technician
Austin, TX

Job Description:

  • Familiarity with Intel computer/server hardware architecture
  • Ability to assemble computer systems using various hardware components in test bench or rack configuration
  • Ability to debug issues in computer system bring-up
  • Ability to flash BIOS, install Operating Systems (Windows/Linux), install Firmware and Drivers, disk partitioning, configuring networks and debug associated issues
  • Ability to socket CPUs/FPGAs
  • Knowledge on test and measurement equipment – DMM, Oscilloscopes, Logic analyzers, Network analyzers, Power meters, associated probes/cables, etc.
  • Ability to organize lab space and infrastructure for a given project (network and power cabling, test bench/rack setup, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of BIOS, various Firmware and Drivers and their interaction with Operating System, etc.
  • Ability to do configuration changes at BIOS/Firmware level