Design team is looking for a senior product content designer to assist in defining and designing the future of retail using emerging technologies, including computer vision, IoT, and machine learning. We’re out to improve the lives of retailers and their shoppers around the world, while keeping shopper privacy and AI ethics front and center.

· Years of experience required

· Degrees or certifications required

· Disqualifiers

· Best vs. average

  • Performance indicators
  • 5-7 years of experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree / No certifications
  • Never worked with hard skills
  • Product positioning and messaging. Terminology research, formulation, and rationalization. Naming and nomenclature systems. Understanding and apply customer feedback, research, and telemetry data to the design process. Track record of successful cross-team collaboration. Brand voice and style.
  • Evaluating the deliverables/meeting the deliverables, communication with stakeholders. Implementing feedback within their project

· Top 3 must-have hard skills

· Level of experience with each

· Stack-ranked by importance


Emerging Technologies (Artificial intelligence, IoT data, machine learning, computer vision)


UX content designer


Designing for scenarios and personas