• Build and iterate campaign moments from inception through production under the guidance of the Lead Gameplay Designer.
  • Script gameplay moments such as combat encounters, narrative events, mission logic, and dynamic object changes.
  • Write re-useable, readable scripts that can be handed off to other teams.
  • Work closely with engineers to develop and maintain script functionality.
  • Playtest and iterate on level content to ensure highest quality.


  • 3+ years working as a designer with at least 1 shipped AAA title.
  • Proficient in using a text-based scripting language (e.g. C#, LUA, UnityScript, etc.).
  • Deep understanding of gameplay and level design theories and practices.
  • Ability to receive and understand gameplay criticisms and apply growth mindset.
  • Proficient in using game editing software (e.g. Unreal, Unity, Frostbite, etc.).
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Able to create and maintain various forms of documentation (excel, visio, confluence pages).
  • Highly motivated and contributes to a positive working environment.
  • Ability to learn standards and procedures quickly.