Title: Kafka Admin

Location: Remote

As a Kafka Expert, you will participate in all aspects of the Agile development lifecycle which includes LOE (level of effort), technical design, setup, administration, Monitoring, unit testing, documentation, peer review, deployment and support of the application. As a member of the development team, you need to work with Scrum Master, Analysts, Solution Architects, developers, testers on functional specifications, and subsequently into technical specifications and design.

Kafka Expert (Confluent)

  • Standing up and administer On-Prem & cloud-native Kafka clusters.
  • Ability to architect and create a reference architecture for Kafka Implementation standards
  • Experience building custom connectors
  • Provide expertise in Kafka brokers, zookeepers, Kafka connects, schema registry, KSQL, Sync Connect, Source Connect, Rest proxy, and Kafka Control center.
  • Ensure the optimum performance, high availability, and stability of solutions.
  • Create topics, setup redundancy cluster, deploy monitoring tools, alerts, and has good knowledge of best practices.
  • Create stubs for producers, consumers, and consumer groups for helping onboard applications from different languages/platforms.
  • Provide administration and operations of the Kafka platform like provisioning, access lists Kerberos and SSL configurations.
  • Use automation tools like provisioning using Docker, Jenkins, and GitLab.
  • Ability to perform data-related benchmarking, performance analysis, and tuning.
  • Involve in design and capacity review meetings to provide suggestions in Kafka usage.
  • Solid knowledge of monitoring tools and fine-tuning alerts on Prometheus, Grafana, Splunk.
  • Setting up security on Kafka.
  • Providing naming conventions, Backup & Recovery and problem determination strategies for the projects.
  • Monitor, prevent, and troubleshoot security-related issues.
  • Provide strategic vision in engineering solutions that touch the messaging queue aspect of the infrastructure


  • Overall 3+ Years of experience in architecting Kafka systems on Hybrid Cloud – AWS, Confluent and/or GCP.
  • 5+ years overall IT experience
  • 3-5 years demonstrated proficiency and experience in design, implementation, monitoring, and troubleshooting Kafka messaging infrastructure.
  • Hands on experience on recovery in Kafka.
  • 2 or more years of experience in developing/customizing messaging related monitoring tools/utilities.
  • Should have worked with Kafka brokers, Zookeeper, Topics, connectors, KSQL, Zookeeper, Sync Connect, Source Connect for
    • Setup and administration
    • Cluster management
    • HA & DR
    • Security
    • Compliance
    • Upgrades
  • Working knowledge of Ansible & Automation
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes is plus
  • Establishing Kafka best practices Nice to have

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