Title: Build Enigeer

Location: Seattle, WA (Local to WA)

Job Description

Creates and maintains fully-automated build systems leveraging industry standard source repository and continuous integration tooling. Support building game titles and tools across wide range of desktop, mobile and console platforms. Works with development teams to build all components of a software product, support CMake-based build definitions. Sets up initial build trees, performs, debugs and fixes builds, manages git branches. Works day to day with developers contributing to multiple AAA game titles. Works closely with the members of the build team and proactively identifies and implements procedures to parallelize and streamline the build process. May drive the development and maintenance of build automation tools.

Required Skills & Experience:

Expert knowledge of git and git internals

Expert knowledge of CMake

Mastery of C++ or similar language

Competent in scripting / terminal languages such as nodejs, bash, PowerShell, and python

Ability to administer *nix, windows and Macintosh machines

Working knowledge of CI/ALM toolsets such as Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, TeamCity, Jenkins


Brickred Systems

P: 206-317-1552

A: 2475 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

W: www.brickredsys.com