Bachelor’s degree in CS, CE, Math, or equivalent.

• Two to Five years of experience implementing solutions in AWS

• Five to Seven years experience in software development

• Strong skills in tactical, operational, and strategic level cyber threat intelligence.

Advanced understanding of cyber threat vectors and countermeasures.

• Understanding of Linux/Unix platforms.

Understanding of Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Security

• Solid understanding of networking (WAN, LAN, wLAN), network domains (Internet, intranet, DMZ), communication techniques/protocols (IP and others), and their combined effects on network and host systems security.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Ability to communicate technical details in a clear, comprehensible manner.

CISSP and CCSP Must have

• AWS or Azure certifications preferred

Location:ATLANTASkills Required:SEC-CLOUD SECURITY L3Roles:


• Effectively understand Customer’s applicable compliance frameworks and implement corresponding controls

• Develop the organization’s DevSecOps practices and tool sets

• Create and implement infrastructure as code to enforce and auto-remedy security controls

• Provide reports of Customer’s compliance based on automated checks across the infrastructure in public cloud

• Develop and deploy tools in AWS, providing an enterprise view of compliance in public cloud.

• Evaluate and implement container security tools

• As a Senior Cloud Security Engineer, you will use your technical experience to assess, design, engineer and implement various AWS services and configurations in order to achieve Customer’s security standards.

• You will implement the ability to detect compliance in Customer’s cloud environments with the security standards and where applicable also implement remediations. Implementation may take the form of configuring tools or creating custom code. All changes are expected to use infrastructure as code principles and a controls CI/CD pipeline.

• A successful candidate will have a background and experience in software development and be able to apply those skills as necessary for developing Customer’s security foundations for public cloud.

• The Senior Cloud Security Engineer will help assess AWS and third party solutions and open source projects that fit into Customer’s cloud security landscape. Once tools are chosen, the Senior Cloud Security Engineer will then be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the chosen tool and provide reporting and dashboards showing cloud configuration status.

• Senior Cloud Security Engineer will provide guidance to Customer application teams developing on public cloud platforms. They will advise application teams on how to adhere to Customer’s security standards for cloud, work to identify common patterns and provide templates for application teams.