Dev Lead Job Description/Responsibilities:

• Proficient in software Design and development and famitmiliar with technologies Ruby-on-Rails(Mandatory), Java

• Should be able to ensure the availability of test environment, design tests and defect reporting formats

• Ability to understand the business use cases and advise the client on the right solution

• Should update project related data as required in applicable systems and ensure timely reporting and response to stakeholders.

• Experience in using source code version control and of best practice branching strategies

• Good exposure on one scripting language

• Excellent communication skills

o ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions

o skilled in interfacing with internal and external technical resources

o good in debugging problems and mentoring teams on the technical front

• Should be a good Team player - highly proactive, eager to support your colleagues when needed

• Knowledge or basic experience of agile development processes is a great plus

• Knowledge of software engineering lifecycle process is a plus

• A proven ability to pick up and learn a wide range of new technologies and topics

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